What is Beyond Fleek

 My name is Shaneika Burchell-Kerr. I am the founder and CEO of Beyond Fleek. As I reflect on my life, I realize that I have worn many hats: mother, wife, fashionista, mobile stylist, entrepreneur, business coach, and many more. It has not always been a walk in the park, but I appreciate every bump, hill, and valley because they have transformed me into who I am today. I have been longing to remove the curtains and reveal the real me but delayed due to fear of judgment, inferiority, and rejection. I believe that life has more to offer than we can imagine. However, at some point we must choose what is more important to us. This platform was created to share all that life offered me and still is.



I grew up in a family of God-fearing women from whom I developed a strong belief in God. However, my personal relationship with God and my faith journey did not begin until my early twenties when I had my first born, Imani Ariana Grant. She came into my life at a time when I needed saving the most. I found God for myself when I hit rock bottom during my pregnancy, and I experienced a transformation like no other. Since then I have been a Christian and an active praise dance choreographer leader in church. I invite you to join me on my journey of faith. 



In my early twenties I became highly fashion focused. In fact, I was known for my great taste of fashion. This led me to start my first business selling womens fashion. Today I am the owner of an online fashion boutique for women called Curves to Adore(previously known as Steppn N Style). This later expanded to a family business. I felt it I was important for my children to learn about entrepreneurship. When given the choice to build a website, my daughter Imani Ariana Grant founded an online boutique for kids’ fashion she called Magitots. In a high demand for men fashion I decided to build a business for my son Nathaniel Kerr called Nathan Avenue.



The world is a mystery to be explored. I have always said I want to travel the world to experience and learn from other cultureseven if it is the last thing I do before I die. Many people have a bucket lists. Mine is seeing the world. Follow my travel blog as I share my world experience traveling with my friends and family.


Beauty & Self Care

Life is beautiful and so are you! However, there is nothing wrong with enhancing your beauty. As an African-American woman, I appreciate the ability to be versatile with my hair and makeup. I absolutely enjoy doing hair! I spend one weekend per month working as a mobile stylist in Connecticut and New York giving some amazing women extra fabulousness. I also have a brand called PineCandy which offers trendy beauty productssuch as wigs, extensions, and beauty products. I also enjoy a well-done pedicure and manicure and a relaxing day at the spa when I want to rejuvenate.



As I approached 30 years old, my desire for success heightened.  I realized that I have learned so many things, discovered so many of my God-given talents and created multiple stream of income. I finally realized my purpose. I was an Entrepreneur!  Everyone on earth has a God-given assignment and mine is to empower others to be more by discovering their inner talents, do more by applying those talents to help other around them, and earn more by using the resources available to them.Breakthrough to Entrepreneur focuses on helping individuals start and build a business from the ground up by providing simple, most effective, and efficient tools and resources to achieve the best results for their business. I create simple educational tools that provide step by step process to becoming a successful entrepreneur and getting the desired revenue. My focus is on e-commerce, social media marketing, email marketing, and automation. You may visit Breakthrough to Entrepreneur to learn more about my popular programs and how I can help you start and grow your dream business.

As an entrepreneur, I have been truly blessed to have been able to give both my children a solid educational foundation. In 20017, I decided for the second time to resign from my job in Corporate America to focus on my children. During this time, not only was I able to build a solid business but I was able to help my daughter develop her talent for writing poetry. Today she is a published author of two amazing children’s book, Disco Balls of the Universe and The Golden Life of Sally Sunflower.


I do not recommend that everyone quits there job to be an entrepreneur. Some thrive in their full time jobs and use their money to build their passions. Every person must evaluate and access the best way to allow their lives to feel full, divine, and purposeful. I recently returned to work full time, while running by businesses, and I enjoy it very much.

So, what makes my life beyond fleek? The answer is growing stronger in my faith, exploring the world with my friends and family, sharing my fashion with others, taking care of myself and my family, and empower others to be more, do more and earn more.

I hope that you will find a connection here. Feel free to connect with me directly by email at info@beyondfleek.com follow me on Facebook and Instagram.