2017 Kids Top Wish List Items. What Imani Ariana believes all kids want for Christmas.

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It’s Christmas and it is also Imani Ariana’s favorite time of year when she gets to make a wish list for birthday gifts along with Christmas gifts. Double the fun right?!

In an interview with Imani Ariana, she shared her top five Christmas wish list items with us. These items are featured on beyond fleek on the Imani Ariana Wishlist collection.



“I enjoy sittng by the fireplace at Christmas time in a nice warm and cozie onesie or robe”. Says Imani. Since my body grows so fast, a new robe and onesie pajamas are always on my wishlist for Christmas.


Moana Necklace

Moana is one of the most loved children movie character this year. She encourages children to never give up, look out for others and be themselves. We ask Imani why she picked the Mohanna necklace as a gift for Christmas. Her response was, “My mom says Mohanna reminds her of me. Because I am always this fun spirit kid that is not afraid to express my true self.”  Imani Ariana features her favorite Moana Necklace for FREE in her Christmas wish list collection so that every little girl may have a reminder to always be themselves. Just pay shipping & handling.


Led Sneakers

Light up the world with fun from your shoes. The top picked light up shoes are growing wildly popular among kids this year.


Smart Watch

Kids smart watch are not only trendy but comes with safety benefits that all parent and child can appreciate. “With everything that is going on in the world now, I feel it is very important for every child to own a safety device and the smart watch is just perfectly safe and cool.”



I bet the electric hoverboard is the one item that tops the Christmas wish list of every boy and girl. “I am very adventurous and the hoverboard nurtures my adventure,” says Imani Ariana.


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