Chokers. The Rising Jewelry Trend.

It is very obvious that the new trends of chokers are replacing the chunky fashion jewelry that was once popular. Jewelry lovers are accepting the new shift with a sense of gratefulness. The experts at Beyond Fleek interviewed some top fashion trendy women to find out why they prefer chokers over the chunky fashion jewelry collection that was a top blogged about jewelry in previous years. Celebrity Inspired Chokers are no doubt the most popular necklaces I see being worn by women today. I see celebrities embracing the choker trends and once a woman sees their favorite celebrity wearing it they will definitely want to wear it as well. Says one woman. Check this top two celebrity inspired chokers for yourself.



Convenience How convenient it is to be able to own jewelry that does not require you to own a standing jewelry box for storage. How about being able to wear the same necklace with multiple outfits and still stand out on social media? Well, that would be the choker collection. Chokers are conveniently easy to store and easy to wear. No more trying to find the right jewelry to wear with your outfits or buying a new necklace for every occasion.

Versatile Every occasion requires a different look and in turn, every look requires a different jewelry. For very formal occasions or even girls night out, your semi-casual to formal outfits may require a sexy finish look. When dressing for a date night or even an elegant moment, you definitely want to aim for a romantic look. The choker trend offers that versatility even in one choker. For example this popular Rose Guilt Choker. Now FREE for a limited time from Beyond Fleek’s treasure box.



Light Weight Lightweight jewelry can be a big advantage for women who wear a different jewelry for every outfit especially when on vacation. Chunk jewelry can add an additional 10 pounds to your luggage weight which may cost you at the airline check in. Chokers are made of lightweight materials such as lace, which little to no weight. Most chokers comes in sets of 9 or more which weights under 1 pound altogether. This is a great advantage since you are able to pack 9 pieces of jewelry all at once without any noticeable weight. Check out this top selling customer favorites choker 9 pieces set from Beyond Fleek Hot & Trendy Choker Collection.



Caters to all curves Chokers goes beyond just being fashionable. It caters to women of all curves. As a Plus size woman, I wouldn't dare wear a chunky necklace. It would not fit my short neckline and it would certainly add more weight to my size. There is a wide variety of chokers that I could wear with any outfit without feeling out of place, overdressed and looking extra big. It definitely allows me to compete with slim chics. Says a plus size woman. These are the top main reasons why chokers are climbing in popularity while chunky and oversized jewelry trends are declining. We would love to hear what you think. Do you prefer the new trends in choker necklaces and why? Take a second look at these hot and trendy chokers from Beyond Fleek’s treasure box jewelry below.



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